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A different kind of law firm.
We guarantee the provision of reliable and high-quality services and a quick, efficient, in-depth and pragmatic approach, which is a matter of self-evidence for us. We strive for perfection.
However, you need more than that.
Optimal availability. Your time is valuable, which means that you must be able to contact your legal advisers also after normal working hours (i.e. in the evening, at night and on weekends, 24/7). That is why Peeters & Lierman law firm can be reached (mobile phone No. +32(0)476/567.485 or +32(0)486/590.182) when others cannot.
Trust and discretion. For entrepreneurs and affluent private individuals, trust is key to any business relationship. The same principle is true for us. We guarantee confidence and discretion.
A real team. Our methods are different, because we act as a team to defend your interests as if they were our own. You can therefore rely on a transparent and holistic approach. Both, we have and maintain full knowledge of your file.
Customised services. Owing to our pro-active, participative approach we not only accept cases exclusively involving legal proceedings, but also give advice, provide assistance, carry out risk analyses and assist in out-of-court settlements. Half of our day-to-day activities consists in the conduct of cases, the other half in consulting and assistance (including negotiations) of companies, entrepreneurs and affluent clients.
Combativeness and justice. Whenever you are involved in a dispute, we are your combative partner, ready to bring your legal proceedings to a favourable conclusion in a correct and fair manner. Thanks to the trust and discretion we guarantee and our ample experience with litigations, we are in a position to offer you excellent negotiating skills.

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